What is RAW?

RAW is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) established in the Ethereum mainnet with the purpose of pioneering ways to curate, collect and further NFT photography.

It launched as an incubation from Fingerprints DAO, and has since developed its own community.

What are $RAW tokens?

$RAW is our governance token through which enthusiasts, collectors and artists can become members.

It also works as a means to gain exposure to our collection and wield voting power within the organization.

What are the perks of RAW membership?

RAW members gain exclusive access to our private discord channels, where they can mingle with our collected artists and other cool members.

Members can participate in the decentralized curation system, nominating collections and voting on which ones they believe RAW should acquire.

You also become eligible to work for the DAO and earn ETH and special roles within the community (learn more).

Members will also gain priority access in future drops, events and projects premiered by RAW.

We're constantly working to expand the perks of RAW membership, so there's a lot more we can't anticipate!

How does RAW's curation system work?

Every month there is a decentralized curation cycle in RAW that follows the following steps:

Week Activity
Week 1 Nomination week: members submit collection suggestions for the curation cycle, of which the first 20 are chosen.
Weeks 2 & 3 Voting weeks: members gather to discuss and vote on which of the nominated collections they believe RAW should acquire using an approval voting system.

The top 3 voted collections will be acquired by RAW.
Week 4 Acquisition week: Specific pieces are chosen by the community to be acquired via open polls in our Discord server.

How do I become a member?

Just follow the instructions in our join page.